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For 38 years, APC has a proven track record.

APC works with the largest general contractors building Chicago's future on a grand scale. 

In 2022, we are on 20 active jobs with 60 Union Plumbers and ONE true legacy.

Iconic Chicago

The APC fingerprint is on many of the iconic structures along Chicago's lakefront. The O'Hare FAA Tower to the Cook County Hospital Redevelopment demonstrate the span of years building iconic Chicago.

Educating Chicago

From the beginning, Adamson Plumbing has been dedicated to the education of the youth of Chicago.

We know the demands associated with public work with over one hundred Chicago PBC and Cook County projects on our resume.

Caring for Chicago

APC has been dedicated to the assisted and senior living for many years. From the Chicago lakefront to suburban locations, our plumbing expertise with senior living facilities is unprecendented.

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